Bally’s Casino Resort is Celebrating Their Magnificent Makeover

Bally’s casino resort in Las Vegas has finally finished their massive renovation and makeover worth approximately $12 million. Made over from head to toe by a very talented team of designers and architects from various firms around the country, Bally’s truly looks like an entirely new place.

Over seven-hundred guest rooms were done up by Yates-Silverman Inc. in a theme intended to create a peaceful and soothing mood. Using soft earth-based colors, framed fine-art, fancy fixtures and accessories, plush new carpets, and beds right out of the factory, occupants will find their quarters a nice contrast to the hustling, bustling casino downstairs.

Bally's Casino Resort is Celebrating Their Magnificent MakeoverThe lobby has a very homely feel, and exudes a sense of comfort and relaxation. Large, cushioned chairs are spread around the casino lobby floor, which is adorned with smooth, polished wood and soft gold hues. Another architect, David Rudzenski, who is based in New Jersey, helped makeover the hallway corridors with new a tapestry of colors, including beige and more gold. Couple this with brand new upholstery and marble adornments, and you truly have a royal, yet sleek and smooth atmosphere.

To celebrate their new look, Bally’s is offering special summer package deals, that include free tickets to the acclaimed “Legends in Concert” series, free gourmet breakfasts and large discounts at nearby shopping stores. Even late checkouts are not to much for the Bally’s hospitality department. For more information and reservations check mega moolah progressive online slots or contact your travel agent or visit Bally’s .

Mobile Phone Lottery and Sports Bets Booming

The mobile gambling industry is currently worth in the neighborhood of $2 billion – Or, at least that is what the industry brought in last year primarily via the European and Asian markets. With an increase in online casinos offering mobile platforms that can be downloaded onto mobile cell phones (as well as the blossoming technology to make it available), more gamblers are using their mobiles to place live bets.

The new 3G-based VAS packages – so the mobile technology is called – is helping to offer an even better playing experience through those applications properly suited to it. As this technology becomes more mainstreamed in online networks, and mobile phones are equipped with the most advanced Java and video technology, mobile gambling is expected to grow nearly seven times its size in the next five years.

Especially lottery applications, which primarily do not require 3G technology, are expected to grow enormously in Asia, since lottery is heavily favored in that region. Sports betting and skill games, on the other hand, should likely see continued use via cell phones in European regions.

Fueling these predictions are estimates from research companies who are beginning to post numbers on the growth of this young industry. Moderate findings estimate the industry will grow to over $7 billion in 2010, while some are generously estimating the mobile casino gambling industry to reach over $19 billion in 2010.

Whichever figures are more close to the reality of the situation, one thing is for certain – The Asian market is going to be a key contributor to the growth. With cell phones being the most used in Asia, the industry is expected to grow from $426 million to approximately $2.7 billion in 2010.