Executive Order Puts a Damper on Ohio Casino Style Slot Machines

Executive Order Puts a Damper on Ohio Casino Style Slot MachinesThe Central Ohio News recently reported that the Ohio Attorney General and State Governor have drawn out an executive order classifying any machine that looks or sounds like a slot machine, and pays out money as a slot machine. Although this may sound like a sort of no-brainer, the fact of the matter is that there are many different types of quasi-casino style slot machines, that have been hitherto sliding under the radar of gaming regulators in Ohio.

Attorney General Marc Dann and Governor Ted Strickland, who has already signed the executive order, said in a joint statement that the order will make the marketing of casino gambling machines as games of amusement a crime under Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act. Distinguishing the machines between amusement and gambling rather than between skill versus chance, is expected to be a nail in the coffin on this issue. Effecting thousands of machines and several gaming companies doing business in Ohio, the new law will go into effect pending a short time frame in which machine owners, distributors, manufacturers and lessees will be required to cease giving public access to the machines.

Along with the executive order, Attorney General Dann is authorized to issue a Cease and Desist letter to anyone possessing the casino style slot machines, which have more than doubled in the past six months. The most recent estimate shows there are approximately 50,000 of these machines currently in circulation in the State of Ohio. Businesses will have three days from the date of receiving the letter to put the machines out of commission, which the Governor’s Office is expecting to take place without a fight.

Endemol Gaming Brings Creative Ideas to Online Gaming

Endemol UK has published a press release announcing the development of Endemol Gaming and a new presence in the online gambling and internet casino industries. The gist of the press release made it known that Endemol is seeking to bring mass-market entertainment to the business of online casino gaming, and that the new company division will be managed by top-level Endemol UK employees.

Sarah Bellamy and Brian Macsweeney will be overseeing the new division, filling in the important roles of Managing Director and Creative Director. Both commented on the direction that Endemol Gaming will be taking, citing a commitment to bringing more creative resources to the online gambling industry and to produce custom-made entertainment, targeted online gaming applications and content for internet gaming site operators.

Endemol UK already has a relationship with online gambling operators Ladbrokes, Sportingbet, Gala and Camelot through their digital media division, Victoria Real, which the company now plans to use to further develop and strengthen their strategic partnerships. A great deal of resources is going to be put into helping create various media platforms and fresh ideas pertaining to internet betting and online casino gaming applications.

Specific projects on the agenda include live online sports gambling, new instant win betting games, fixed odds games, new internet poker formats, online skill games, and gambling via television sets, including Web TV casinos. Although there was no mention of it in the press release, it is likely that Endemol will venture into the mobile gambling industry as well, developing creating solutions for large gaming operators seeking to capitalize in this expanding sector.