Expo on Problem Gambling Unites Numerous Casinos

Expo on Problem Gambling Unites Numerous CasinosCape Town, South Africa was recently the home of the first known seminar on problem online gambling that brought together a diverse assortment of online casino operators and owners in a single meeting place. The meeting was organized by the e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance non-profit group, otherwise known as eCOGRA.

Focusing on potential lash backs the online gambling industry may receive from governmental regulators if online casinos do not uphold high standards of preventing problem gambling (which includes underage gambling), eCOGRA encouraged all casino operators to insure they were going above and beyond what they have been doing up until late.

The CEO of eCOGRA, Andrew Beveridge, reminded casino managers that they not only have an ethical and moral obligation to do this, they also voiced their own new problem gambling regulatory standards which must be met if the casinos sought to keep their previously obtained eCOGRA Seal of Approvals.

It is quite apparent that eCOGRA is taking these steps due to their involvement with the drafting of the UK Gambling Bill. The bill, which imposes strict rules for thunderstruck ii online slots and heavy regulation on online casinos who operate from the UK with gambling licenses, is the first of its kind in that Britain will be the first major powerhouse country to legalize and fully regulate online casino gambling. With the help of eCOGRA and some responsible online casinos, the potential problem of problem gambling will be at a minimum.

Qualify for World Series of Poker with Bodog

With the 2010 World Series of Poker currently going on in Las Vegas a lot of people are wondering how they could potentially become a part of this incredibly interesting event. Qualifying for the World Series of Poker sounds like a seriously difficult undertaking but dedicated individuals can make it happen, you just have to know how to go about it.

There is still time to sign up for the Bodog Mini Poker Series Tournament that will be held from July 5th to July 17th of this year.

The tournament will be 13 $10+$1 qualifying events with $40,000 in guaranteed prize pool monies. The potential prize money alone is more than enough to convince people to sign up for this great mini poker series. The tournament promises to bring in some serious competition to make for a really interesting couple of days filled with a lot of great poker.

To have a chance at getting the opportunity to participate in next year’s World Series of Poker participating individuals will need to be advanced to the tournament. The Bodog Mini Poker Series Final Tournament that is going to be held on July 20th and will finish on the 22nd. If individuals finish first in any of the qualifier rounds they get an automatic spot in the tournament, otherwise the top 30% of the finishers in each of the qualifying rounds will be invited to play in the tournament.

Whoever wins the Bodog Mini Poker Series Final Tournament will receive cash prize winnings as well as earning one of the first seats in next year’s World Series of Poker Tournament. With everything combined, the winner of the tournament will get a prize package that is worth over $12,000; the chance to play in the World Series of Poker is worth much more.