Foxwoods tests Gambling Legislation in Connecticut

With the legality of gambling in the United States constantly tested, many online gambling operators look for loopholes in the law. Based in countries where online gambling is legal, many gambling sites rely on the United States to provide more than half their revenue, at the same time avoiding prosecution under United States law by listing themselves as foreign companies. Generating huge profits, these companies are always on the lookout for an opportunity to push anti-gambling legislation to its limit.

Foxwoods is one example of an online casino that actually decided to operate from within the United States. Promotions run on the casino’s encouraged gaming fans to play card games and pure platinum online slots, with their winnings transferred to a surrogate able to play in person at the Foxwoods live casino.

In a recent dispute, Foxwoods compared this scenario with one in which a person would give a friend or relative money to gamble legally on their behalf. The state of Connecticut subsequently overruled this argument and forced the casino to shut down its online operations. However with online gambling operators continually seeking further profits in the North American market, it is unlikely to be too long before another legal loophole is discovered and exploited.

Foxwoods tests Gambling Legislation in ConnecticutHarrahs Casino Hones in on Damaged Gulf Coast

Harrah’s is going through the measures in order to acquire the rest of the ownership of Biloxi’s Casino Magic which is currently being owned by Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. The current casino is located on eighteen acres of the Mississippi coast which is also right next to property already inhabited by a Harrah’s owned casino by the name of Grand Casino Biloxi, and is looking forward to acquiring the neighboring property in order create a dynamic new resort casino that will hopefully bring in a much needed source of income and employment to an area in much duress.

The head of Harrahs Casino elaborates on what the hope will be of a huge positive development in this stricken environment by saying, “We believe in the long-term potential of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and are looking forward to returning to this vibrant market, the site we are acquiring from Pinnacle will give us an even larger footprint in Biloxi, giving us greater flexibility in creating a compelling entertainment experience.” The casino planned is to be an impressive addition to the coastline.

It is a thirty-five thousand dollar casino with a five hundred room hotel and luxury spa and restaurants. But it isn’t the five star dining that the majority of people are excited about but the one thousand jobs that the casino will provide to an are that had a majority of its business destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. The state is also addressing the need to adjust some of its previous regulations on casinos and re-evaluate how they utilize the added cash flow to revitalize their ailing economy. Casino’s in many state in general are being looked at as a necessary evil in order to accrue added tax dollar for state funded programs suffering from neglect.