Online Casino Operators to Face Tough Regulation in South Africa

Each new day brings more certainty that online casinos will soon be regulated in South Africa. The proposed law calling to establish licensing and regulatory framework for online betting sites has made its way into the public light as of late – the details of which reveal a highly comprehensive piece of legislation looking more like the soon-to-be-enforced 2005 UK Gambling Act.

This week during a presentation to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on trade and industry, the Director of Legal Affairs at South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry, Brian Muthwa, stated that licensee applications will be drawn up according to amendments to the National Gambling Act, which are currently being proposed. This means that everybody from the gaming software developers and their online casino licensees on down to key employees, equipment suppliers, manufacturers and maintenance provider will be licensed according to National policy.

According to the Department of Trade and Industry, every entity and person that is involved with the production and distribution of online gambling software and equipment will be required to hold appropriate licenses. The DTI also reinforced that all regulatory framework will equally apply to remote vendors located outside of South Africa borders.

Similar to the UK’s recently published online casino whitelist, some of the factors used to award licenses will required operators to uphold socio-economic standards and a commitment to fueling South Africa’s economy. Online casino operators will also be prohibited from extending credit to players in the interest of preventing problem gambling and financial turmoils.

New Online Flash Casino Games Unveiled by SportingBet

Sportingbet is a popular gambling brand in the United Kingdom. One of the largest takers of online bets for sporting events and casino games on the internet, SportingBet’s ┬áis frequented by thousands of visitors every day. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and has a trading value of $204 million.

Online Casino Operators to Face Tough Regulation in South AfricaThat being said, when Aces was bought out by SportingBet in July of 2001, things were looking up for the all-in-one gambling site. Aces offers just about every online betting activity currently available on the Web, including a racebook, online poker room, sportsbook and online casino games. And now that SportingBet gotten its fingers in the batter, Aces has continued to stay abreast of the latest online gaming technology.

Keeping with their promise to offer the latest versions of online casino software, Sportingbet recently unveiled the latest in online casino Flash games, which are fast becoming a popular alternative to downloading entire online gaming software platforms. As Aces Casino Manager, Rene Quesada so aptly put, all it takes is the click of a mouse to engage the Flash games and begin gambling.

The new suite of no-download Flash games includes all of the casino table classics like Blackjack, Blackjack Super 7 and Roulette. For those players who are unfamiliar with Blackjack Super 7, this version of the popular casino game gives bettors the option of making a side bet on whether or not a lucky-number-seven will be dealt – A cross between craps and blackjack, if you will. Another online casino game featured on the new Flash platform is Free Ride, which is based on Stud Poker. All of the games are currently available and are a mouse-click away.