Pitch Entertainment to Augment Deal That Will Add 3500 To Player Base

NetPlayTV plc, the UK interactive gambling firm, has recently acquired the complete gaming database of the Pitch Entertainment Ltd. This is said to result in boosting their player base by a figure of over 3 500 players. Last month the site’s player base is reported to have placed almost GBP 2 million in gross bets. On top of the enhanced database, for a the period of 6 months following completion of the deal, the entire visiting group to the Pitch Gaming  will be automatically re-directed to NetPlay’s Live Roulette.

Cash payment for the database comes to GBP 125,000 which.

This most recent deal follows on the heals of the recent purchase of the ‘Pitch Roulette’ Sky Channel 848. The use of Sky Channel 848 will be to launch a brand new service, which is to be labeled ‘Live BlackJack’. A new and they say unique interactive Internet and TV gaming format has been developed by NetPlay which they claim will complement its existing Live Roulette service on Sky Channel 847.

Pitch Entertainment to Augment Deal That Will Add 3,500 To Player BaseNetPlay’s present chairman and CEO, Martin Higginson, has reported that the acquisition of this database of registered players will further strengthen his company’s position in the ‘Live’ interactive TV gaming community. He claims that these 3,500 customers have previously demonstrated their desire to spend money and to play TV roulette. Higginson says that his company NetPlay, is adding them on after already acquiring the Sky TV channel that they used to play on.

Higginson sees this as being a further and significant step toward NetPlay’s goal of creating Europe’s finest and leading converged interactive gaming experience that can function across TV, Internet and mobile venues.

Blackpool Likely to Hold out on Redevelopment for UK Casino

With the UK Gambling Act nearing its complete acquisition into legislative law and enforcement, Blackpool recently saw the notions of offering a super casino site morph into perspective. According to Blackpool’s Development Control Committee (BDCC), they are being strongly encouraged to reject an application made by The Noble Organization (TNO) to turn the ailed and decrepit Palace Nightclub into a 3-story UK casino and gambling hall.

Rather than redevelop a property that has a particular history to it already, some think that building a brand new casino from the ground up would do better to increase tourism and outside development. The BDCC recognizes that Blackpool needs a complete regeneration on several fronts, which considering the opportunities the UK Gambling Act affords, has made casino gambling a prime front to act upon.

Further lending to the likelihood of a rejection are the policies of the BDCC, which state that casino expansion should only be permitted on a small scale. Furthermore, these expansion policies pertain to existing UK casinos and not redeveloped properties. In other words, if the BDCC were to approve TNO’s request, it may appear they chose to go against their own casino developmental guidelines. Unlike the situation with Blackpool Grosvenor Casino, which was given the necessary permission to build additions to their casino floor, the application made by TNO is calling for a much larger casino expansion and conversion of sorts.

No word has been given just yet as to when the BDCC will rule on the application. However, the case does indeed look that it is not in favor for The Noble Organization’s vision to develop their proposed, large UK casino