The Secret of Counting Cards at Blackjack

Although counting cards at blackjack is not considered illegal in casinos, gambling operators have the right to ask gamblers to leave their premises if the gambler is suspected of counting cards. As for online casinos, there is no need to be concerned about getting caught counting cards, for there is no way to monitor players sitting at their home computers.

A difficult practice to master, counting cards can payoff very well for a blackjack player who is doing everything else right while playing the game (such as knowing when to double down and betting the right size stakes in general).

The lesson to learn from all this is that if you want to count cards while in a brick ‘n mortar casinos, you should attempt to do so in a way that does not show you counting your fingers or some other peculiar habit to help you remember what cards have been dealt and which are still in the deck.

As hard as it can be, with a lot of practice, you could potentially carry on a conversation with the dealer and other players, while all the while keeping track of the cards. Just remember, it is a skill that takes much practice and dedication.

Half year results are up showing an 88 percent increase over last year, but Anderson is to stand down in December to be replaced by Levy.

The Secret of Counting Cards at Blackjack888 Holdings plc is among the online gambling industry’s largest online gambling groups. For the six month period ending in June, the company has shown stellar operational results. Their profits are up for that same six month period of the previous year.

Nevertheless, John Anderson, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, announced recently that he would be standing down from his position as CEO by year’s end to make way for the new chief operating officer, Gigi Levy.

With the exclusion of share benefit expenses, pretax profit for the first six months was US$ 48 million. This compares with $25.6 million for the previous year. Per share earnings went from 7.3 cent a year earlier, to 18.8 cents. This represents a 89% increase.

With the pretax profit margin having gone from 21% to 29%, the net gaming revenues had increased by 32%, from $123.7 million to $163.5 million.

For the initial 10-week period for the 3rd quarter, trading is in agreement with expectations. CEO Anderson announced that the organization is expecting that resulted for the entire year will be better than expected.

Nevertheless, Anderson points out that the possible passage of the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Bill, which at the present time is now before the Senate, with regard to the United States at least, could impact rather negatively on 888’s business. This is a factor to consider since the first six months of the year involved business the majority of which came from the United States, with 52% of the group’s net gaming revenue having come from activity involving United States based customers.

The sad story of Mathieu Montcourt; the demise of a tennis champ!

According to reports emanating from the French Tennis Federation’s , Mathieu Montcourt, the young twenty four old tennis pro from France, passed away due to natural causes.

On August 11, the controlling body of the men’s tennis tour, ATP World Tour, suspended Montcourt for placing wagers, from June to September 2005, of one hundred and ninety two dollars on thirty six tennis competitions. Paris born, Montcourt was sentenced to a two month ban on playing, which was lowered last May by two weeks by the Arbitration Court. Yesterday time out started. Nevertheless, the twelve thousand dollar fine he was obligated to pay. He has been ranked 119 in the world, had won eighty one thousand four hundred and eighteen dollars this year and since becoming pro in 2002 has earned more than three hundred and seventy four thousand dollars. The semifinals in Rijeka, Croatia, on the Challenger Tour clay court, was his final tournament. Not being aware of the laws concerning internet gambling was the essence of Montcourt’s appeal.

He should have been knowledgeable of the regulations, the Court of Sport Arbitration claimed, however, the court reduced his suspension as he had never placed wagers on his own tournaments and had gambled just small sums. Due to what was named irregular betting formations, nearly one year back, tennis sports investigations revealed forty five tournaments going back some five years and required further examination.

Though, in the main, nothing unlawful was found, tennis is one of the sports which participants can fiddle quite simply. Tennis fans will never see again the dexterity of this young player; it is indeed gloomy days for the tennis world.

RNG Constantly Runs

The Random Number Generator, or RNG, that you find in a slot machine is the one thing that makes the games completely random. This is the device in the slot machine that decides whether or not you are going to get any kind of pay out. If the numbers that come out dictate that there is a win due, then you will win, but no other factors will come into play. So many wonder at what point does the RNG start spinning so that it can put the winning or non winning combination on the screen, and they think that it is when the coin is dropped in, or when the handle is pulled is when it stops, etc. However, the fact of the matter is that in the slot machines, the RNG never stops running.

The RNG starts when the slot machine starts. In other words, when the slot machine is put into service and the machine is initially turned on, and the proper checks are made the RNG starts spinning. It never stops spinning no matter what you do to the machine. When you put your coin in, it has already been spinning for years, and when you pull the handle the RNG continues to spin and come up with combinations.

But if there is no power, then yes, the RNG would not operate, and as soon as power was given to the slot machine again, it would start running again. It throws out combinations non stop and if you are lucky enough to be a winner it will only be because out of the endless stream of possible numbers you had a winner.